Exalted Ruler Message

Greeting Brother and Sister Elks: 


     I hope this letter finds you all in good spirits as the Summer vacations are slipping into the sunset. I know all have recharged themselves and are ready to pick up on the good works  of Elkdom that lay before us. 

     Now that the Lodge has been re-opened from the summer break, I know all will appreciate the hard work our building committee put in preparing the Lodge for the coming season. The carpets have been shampooed, the main ballroom floor has been sanded and refinished and many other tasks completed.   

    For those members who are in arrears, please do not put off sending in your dues today, and please keep your ENF donations coming. 

     The Lodge themed activities are once again in full swing and I look forward to seeing all of you at these events. The Elks and the Does who Chair these events, along with their committee, put in a great deal of time to ensure that you enjoy yourselves. The proceeds allow us to fund our various committees including Veterans, Major Projects, Scholarships, the Dictionary Project, along with the numerous donations made to charitable and community causes.                                 

      I also remind those who attend our general meetings to bring an Elk friend who hasn't been down in a while or who may need a ride. As always I encourage all of you to spread the word of Elkdom to friends and family. We can make our numbers grow, and message heard, by reaching out to them.


     Yours in Fidelity,

 Micheal Pellegrino

    Exalted Ruler