Exalted Ruler Message

Greeting Brother and Sister Elks: 

   Time certainly goes by quickly when one does what they enjoy. I have come to the end of my Elk Year as your Exalted Ruler and I have enjoyed my time in office. The responsibilities as your ER were many but the burden of office was mitigated by the dedication of the Lodge Officers who served with me. We always had a fine representation at other Lodge functions, charitable events and services. I thank all the Officers for attending the Veterans functions, funerals and District Deputy visitations, and shared events with other fraternal organizations. Thanks to all committee chairmen and women for providing the membership with memorable events.

     The past month has had many successful events, including Super Bowl Sunday, Valentines social and the Doe Vino Bingo. The upcoming month will be particularly active with the State President Stu Rishe’s visit to our Lodge on Saturday, March 2nd at 10am for a breakfast function. Please attend and support our Lodge.We also have Irish Night and a Casino trip. There is also the Doe Club Chinese Auction which is always a fun night.

  I, as always, remind our members to make your ENF donations and please attend meetings so your voice is heard. I wish good fortune to the new slate of Officers you have elected to serve the Lodge in the coming year. I know them all and am confident they will lead the Lodge in the coming Elk year. 

     Finally a thanks to my wife JoAnn who attended all the conventions and charitable events alongside me, helping me to connect with other Members, Lodges and organizations. Thank you for allowing me to serve our Lodge.


     Yours in Fidelity,

 Micheal Pellegrino

    Exalted Ruler