Exalted Ruler Message

 The Grand lodge happily reported that overall membership was net positive in Elkdom last year for the first time in over 20 years. Hopefully this a beginning of a new trend.  New York State was very close to a net positive so let’s work hard to bring in new members this year and have a plus number.

     Congratulations to Carthage Lodge for placing second in the Ritual contest.

     I have brought back copies of the resolutions that were voted on at the convention and we will post the results on the bulletin board downstairs at the Lodge.  I am sorry that I missed the testimonial dinner for Mike Pellegrino and our yearly super raffle as I was in St. Louis. attending the National convention.  I am pleased to announce the Grand Prize was won by Mark Ridgewell.   I would also like to thank Charlie Fitzgerald, Carmela Narducci and Tom Naso who sold 70, 36 and 35 raffle tickets, respectfully.  

      The Lodge is open for meetings in August and also on Friday nights. We will have our District Deputy, John Nuzzi, visiting our Lodge on September 11th. We would also like to have a good showing that day. I ask that if you can make it please show up and support the Lodge.

     Beginning in September we are back to our full schedule with the Doe Club hosting a Comedy Night on Sept. 20, and German Night in Oct. 20th. October will bring us Italian Night. Please reserve ASAP as the evenings tend to be very popular.

     Renovations for our Lodge continue to be planned. I have to report that major projects will be done next summer as logistically we could not facilitate them this year. The building is planning for roof, heat and air conditioning renovations for next year as well as putting the financing needed in place. Updates will be provided over the fall and winter.
     We have installed new energy efficient lighting throughout the lodge and will continue small improvements and repairs this summer into the fall.    
            Fraternally Yours,

            Brian Diaz, PER
            Exalted Ruler

Dear Brother and Sister Elks,

     The summer is speeding by and I have returned from attending the National convention in St. Louis. The Grand Exalted Ruler for 2019-2020 is Robert L Duitsman from Culver City Lodge 917. We all wish him a successful term.