Exalted Ruler Message

Greeting Brother and Sister Elks: 

   We are past our holiday season where we enjoyed our time with family and friends. The New Year’s Eve Committee held another memorable celebration and the Doe Club hosted their usual joyous Christmas Party.  

     It is now time to roll up our sleeves and start to prepare for the end of our Elk year and the beginning of the new one. That being said, it is also time to give thanks to the members who have given their time to the running of the Lodge and other members who are considering stepping forward to join committees and assisting in making the coming year better. In March, we plan to hold a Committee Night when we share what is actually involved in running said committees and how you can pick one to join. The Committees will then break off and hold their first meeting of the year.

            I have mentioned before, and will again say, we need members to come to meetings. Some feel it is always the same, for the most part it may seem true, but meetings are guided by an agenda from the Grand Lodge. However, part of that agenda is for new business where members can have the floor to make suggestions and hold discussions. If you don’t attend, we’re not going to hear your fresh ideas. PLEASE COME DOWN.

   As always remember your ENF contributions, and look for upcoming Elk and Doe Events. One of the prominent events is the visit of our State President to our Lodge on March 2nd. We also have the Valentine Party, Irish night, and the Doe Vino Bingo. 


     Yours in Fidelity,

 Micheal Pellegrino

    Exalted Ruler