2019 -20 Lodge Officers & Trustees

We’re proud to be: 

    Steeped in Tradition

    Guided by Founding Principles   

    Exemplifying our Virtues

    Leading by Example

    Family, God, & Country

    Investing in our Community

    Supporting Elkdom  

    Building for Future Purpose

    Strong Social & Fraternal Ties

    NYS Largest downstate Lodge

NHP-NS LODGE #2107 is Distinctively American 

                   Linking the Destiny of our Country, 

                                     with the Destiny of our Order




  7 New Officer Installation

10 General Meeting 8PM

24 General Meeting 8PM

27 Polish Night



15 General Meeting 8PM

29 General Meeting 8PM



June 8 Veterans BBQ St Albans 11 AM

June 24 Birthday Night

June 30 Supper Raffle Social

Sept 23 BirthdayNight

Sept 28 German Night

Oct 19 Italian Night

Theodore Roosevelt, Jr.

Statemen, Military and Business Leader and Elk Member of Lodge

Annual SE District BBQ

For Disabled Veterans 

At St. Alban’s Hospital

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Last update 3/9/19